What we believe


We base our beliefs on the Bible and we accept it as the final authority on matters of life and faith

The Bible teaches, and we believe:
- that humankind was designed by God to be in relationship with Him. That relationship has been severed because of sin, but because He loves people so much, God has provided a way back.
- that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, lived a sinless life and died on our behalf making it possible for those who place their trust in Him to be reunited with God – as His death satisfies God’s requirement for sin to be dealt with.
 – in the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit – one God.
- that the Holy Spirit gives the power to live a Godly life and that He is gradually transforming those who follow Christ into Christ’s likeness.
- that Jesus Christ will personally return to earth at the close of the present age to establish God’s Kingdom and rule over it .
- that those who die having placed their faith in Him will go to be with Him and will ultimately share in Christ’s good rule of His kingdom on earth.

We think that this is the best news any person could ever receive, and we are committed to sharing it with our local community in whatever relevant ways we can.