Want to know more…?

To help those who want to know more about the Christian faith and why we have found that it really is the answer to ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’, we suggest that you check out the links below.

Alternatively,  email us at enquiries@ryebaptistchurch.co.uk. That is also the place to contact us if you would like prayer for any situation you are facing. We’d really love to hear from you!

There’s a lot of good stuff available online, so here are some links that you may find helpful.

Is there more to Life than this?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBMMD5C0k-s&t=71s

Who is Jesus?    https://youtu.be/HtTnSMNtE44

Why did Jesus die?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIHqYqIjKVw

How can I have Faith?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLMyOr2fAoE

Christianity Explored. https://www.christianityexplored.org

Bible Gateway – the Bible on your phone/tablet  https://www.biblegateway.com

The Baptist Union  https://www.baptist.org.uk

The Christian Enquiry Agency  https://christianity.org.uk

The Education Reference Desk resources https.www.eduref.net/resources-on-christianity


Becoming a Christian is a big important step, but it’s the best thing you will ever do. On one level it is is very straightforward – a simple prayer of commitment*, inviting Christ to be Lord of your life; acknowledging your need to be forgiven and expressing true sorrow for your mistakes and wrong choices in life.   When you pray this prayer sincerely from your heart, God makes you a member of His family, and places His Holy Spirit in your heart to help you live as a Christian.  It is truly wonderful how this process can transform our lives as He gradually changes us to be more like Jesus.

Then we need to continue praying  for God’s help in living as a Christian and becoming the person he always intended us to be. Human encouragement is important too, so you’ll want to join with others who will help and support you, and a good lively, friendly church will be the place to go.  We would always be delighted to welcome you here, but there are other excellent churches near us here in Rye, and there will be one near you if you aren’t local to us.

We would always be happy to try to answer any questions you may have. Do email us at enquiries@ryebaptistchurch.co.uk


*If you would like to, this is a prayer that you can use to commit your life to Jesus:

“Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Saviour. Amen”

If you’ve prayed this prayer, it’s important that you tell  another Christian in order to get support and encouragement. If you don’t know anyone you feel you could tell, then email and tell us;  be assured it’ll make our day!