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This site was last updated on Thursday 14th January 2021 at 09:20

Due to the continuing increase in the Covid19 infection rate, we have decided that to recommence worship in church at the moment would be unwise, although the current lockdown restrictions would still allow it.  We will continue to monitor the situation, please check this website for any changes to that position.  We will, of course, still be uploading a weekly Morning Worship recording each Sunday first thing. Thank you for your continuing support during this difficult time.

The Morning Worship recording for 10th January is online here  where Fiona is continuing her look at the first 16 verses of Ephesians chapter 4

This Sunday,  17th January,  Geoff Haynes is speaking on the second half of Ephesians chapter 4 in our Morning Worship recording. Revd Fiona Gill leads, Marguerite Kenward brings the Intercessions and Geoff Austin reads the Bible passage. Online from first thing Sunday morning. Do join us then!

Here are some suggestions of music you may find helpful in your personal worship this week:

1   I love you Lord    https://youtu.be/mfpB3jvqql8
2   Psalm 121   https://youtu.be/QeFa6iSP_XQ
3   waymaker   https://youtu.be/iJCV_2H9xD0
4   The blood of Jesus   https://youtu.be/jU7DSCkEdY0
5   The goodness of God https://youtu.be/DMWpY_T1SIM
6   Is He worthy?   https://youtu.be/fs7Kah6wnY8
7   I stand amazed   https://youtu.be/zmt5VNnrJIM
8   I will trust my Saviour Jesus   https://youtu.be/GB9eXtwfAAg
10  Battle belongs   https://youtu.be/johgSkNj3-A

 CIO news 

If you need to find information about Rye Food Bank, hosted by, but not run by, us, please use the contact details at the foot of the Contact page. Thank you.


A warm welcome to Rye Baptist Church online – we  hope you enjoy your visit to our site!  You can see what is going on this week here and a bit about our history here. Check out the other pages too especially the Life Stories page!  RBC is located centrally in the ancient town of Rye on the coastal borders of East Sussex and Kent.  Our mission is to demonstrate and share the love of God with our local community and so to introduce individuals to the privilege of a real life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
We are a friendly group  and you would find a warm welcome at any of our activities, Have a look at the video in the menu bar (or click on the link below), to give you a flavour of who we are

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